Ormewood Park

Southeast Atlanta

Good For : Walkability, Beltline, Restaurants | Home Cost : $$$

Walk Score : 57 Walk Score | 41 Transit Score | 74 Bike Score (go to Walk Score)


Situated east of Grant Park and west of East Atlanta, Ormewood Park is a unique community, a diverse microcosm of Atlanta that demonstrates how the once segregated city has successfully blended. Traditionally a more affordable option to its neighboring communities. In the last few decades it has seen a surge in interest and new development.

Developed in a few phases over the last 120 years Ormewood Park homes were first built along a streetcar line that extended east from Grant Park in 1891. There was an explosion of growth after World War I and homes continued to be built in varying styles through the 1960s.

With close proximity to Grant Park, Ormewood Park benefits from many of the perks supported by that long-vital community, including strong neighborhood schools and convenient access to a variety of business districts.

In the coming years, Ormewood Park stands to continue growing in value, with a new shopping center nearing completion on its northern edge and the promise of the Atlanta Beltline stretching along its western edge.